Thursday, November 25, 2010

Six weeks of freedom and fun

This week starts the year-end school holiday. School will reopen next January for new terms. For most of the parents and maids, it means headache, misery and stress but to those school kids, it is freedom. Six weeks of freedom with no homework or revision waiting for them. Six solid weeks they can play and enjoy themselves. But do I want them to spend six weeks like that? I guess not.

So what should I do with my kids? Vacation is out due to my parents conditions. We have to stay in KL area. Maybe I will take them to see some of the new movies but I can't be going every week to cinema. They may like it but my purse will not like it at all. What if I challenge them to read? Each of them choose one book each and it has to be an English book. Do you think they will like it? Maybe if I dangle something but I don't like to do that. I don't believe in rewarding every single thing that they accomplished with presents. 

I also want them to do it because they want to. No point if they do it because of me. It will not work. It will be a challenge especially to get my 10years old and 6years old boys to sit down and read. TV and PSP will be more fun for them. Think! Think! I need to be creative in getting them to read and make it fun at the same time so that they will finish the book. BTW do you have any idea? Share with me if you have any. Salam.

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