Monday, November 15, 2010

True Champion

Hey! I am so happy that Red Bull Renault won the F1 for the constructors and also drivers for 2010 season. They deserved it. Even though my favorite driver, Mark Webber, lost the championship title but I am still happy for him. I hope he will continue to race next season.

For Sebastian Vettel, he is one great and talented driver. He is the youngest Formula 1 champion in the history. Throughout the season he was never the leader for the drivers title. It was between Mark Webber and Alonso. But as true champion, he didn't falter in the race and I can see he was never really threatened by Alonso and Webber. Both drivers were stuck behind the two Renaults drivers.

With the end of the Formula 1 season, I need to find another sports until F1 starts again next year. Besides tennis, especially the women tennis,which I follow regularly, American football is another sports that I would follow. No doubts I can't follow my favorite team games all the time, but thanks to Internet I can follow Green Bays Packer game either on-line or delayed. 

You might be wondering why I didn't support any local sports. Well, I gave up in supporting or local heroes except for Nicol Davies and our cycling team. I have to say that some of our sport heroes failed to shine at international level. They might be good locally but that is not enough.

I'm really sad with the state of our sport. We used to be among top in world for hockey but now at Asian level, we are not even top three. So how can we help our nation to be back in the world sports again?

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