Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Little Bit Wild by Victoria Dahl

Hey I'm not a book reviewer but if the book is interesting and worth for me to blog, I would do it. So is this book, A Little Bit Wild by Victoria Dahl. What I like about this book is that it is not the normal kind of romance book that you read. Furthermore, one of the character reminds me of someone I know in my office. If you are my friend from same office reading this, you may already know who is that person. This guy in my office is a real gentleman. He is very helpful, has great personalities, soft spoken and I can say that he is not good looking and big.

Okay, back to the book. Normally, the historical romance hero and heroine will be rich, handsome and with titles and for the heroine will be prim and proper,  and beautiful. But not this particular book. No doubt, the heroine, Marissa, is beautiful but she is shallow, wild and naughty even though she didn't show it to the society of her true character. For the hero, Jude, he is definitely not handsome and in fact, if I read it correctly this guy is ugly and he is a duke's son but he is a bastard. What's Jude lack in his looks department, he has good personalities and charming and most of the women like him.

Marissa is the only girl in the family and she was caught in the act of having sex by her eldest brother. As the common practice during that period, she has to marry but Marissa didn't want to marry the guy she did it with. So here come our hero who offered himself to marry her. We, Malaysian, will definitely label him Pak Sanggup but actually Jude like her. Jude knew that Marissa likes good looking men with great thighs. He knew that Marissa will not look at him in other circumstances. So what did he do? He volunteered himself and decided that he will win Marissa.  He used his charms to get to Marissa. Did he managed to get to Marrissa? Definitely. He managed to make Marissa feel jealous when he talked to women and eventually Marissa realised that she loves Jude. She realised that good looks will not make a happy marriage. Betulkan? 

I also like when Jude told Marissa the difference between men and boys. Aahh! You guys have to read the book if you want to know what's the difference. I would not share it here. This book also has the element of surprises. Marissa received a threatening letter that can exposed her character to society. The writer of the letter demand payment. And you will be surprised who is that person. It never cross my mind until she was exposed. So go and look for the book if you want to know who. Worth reading it!

This book remind me of my mom favorite quotes "Senang mata susah hati, Sakit mata senang hati." What it means is that if you have a handsome or beautiful partner, be prepared for the heartache as many people will go after your partner. If you have an average looking partner or ugly partner, you will definitely have less heartache cause nobody will go after your partner. But today's world is different. If you have loads of money, how ugly you are, you will look handsome or beautiful. 

Okay friends, this is my rating for the book: A-. Happy reading! Salam.

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