Thursday, April 7, 2011

Old Habits Die Hard!

Last year, I made a resolution to go back early from work. I did it. I kept to my plan except when I have something unavoidable, and then only I stayed back.

This year, I didn't make that resolution and guess what? I have drifted back to my old habit of going home late. Actually I like to go back late. It avoids the stress on the road. 

When I first started working in KL and I was single at that time, I have nothing to look forward to when I go home. Instead of spending time alone at home, I stayed in the office or went out with my friends.

Then when I moved to work in Jalan Tun Razak, I stayed back because of the traffic jam. That was in late 1990s and the road system was not like today. After ten years of staying back late, it becomes a habit. 

 I also found out that I work best in the evening. I have lots of idea in the evening.  In fact, last couple of years, I found it easier to craft some nasty love letter in the evening compared to in the morning. What can I say except my brain works best in the evening? 

However, my little girl is not happy that I came back home late. For the past two months, every morning she asked me to come back early. I just smile and didn’t say anything.

Now after we have our land line installed by Telekom, almost every evening she would call and remind me to come home early.  Did I leave home early? Nope, I didn’t and I feel guilty because my kids are all waiting for me at home. Hmmm…I guess it times for me to start sticking to my last year plan again. What say you? Should I?

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