Monday, April 18, 2011

Lempeng for breakfast

On Sunday, my hubby took us out for breakfast at Asam Pedas in Bangi. The place was full when we reached there. However, we didn’t have to wait for long before Amir managed to secure tables for us.

Initially, I told hubby just to pack and bring back home, but he insisted that we went there so that I can see all the food varieties the restaurant offers. I was impressed. They served so many kuih and foods there.

Besides the normal ‘nasi lemak’, ‘mee goreng’, ‘mee hoon’, ‘kew tiau goreng’, and ‘roti canai’, they also have ‘nasi dagang’, ‘pulut’, ‘roti jala’ and my favorite, ‘lempeng pisang’. Besides ‘lempeng pisang’, they also have ‘lempeng kelapa’, which is my husband favorite. By the way, if you don’t know what’s lempeng, it is actually a Malaysian pancake. Lempeng pisang is banana pancake while lempeng kelapa is coconut pancake.

The lempeng kelapa and pisang seem to be hit with the crowds. When I was young, my mom liked to make it for us. I will eat it either with ‘sambal’, fish or chicken gravy or with sugar.

Lempeng is the easiest and cheapest food to prepare. You don’t see people selling lempeng back then. But today, you can make money from it. Thanks to the busy life of working moms.

When I first told my kids about lempeng, which was about a month ago, their first responds were, “Lempeng? What’s that.” and their first reaction when they saw the picture of lempeng, “Ohhh! Tak sedap! (not nice)”

But now they have a different perception about lempeng. They like it, especially lempeng pisang, and now they look forward for me to make lempeng. When will it be? Hahaha…don’t knows yet. But insya allah, one of these days.


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