Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Are you a new broom or an old broom?

Have you ever heard of this saying, ‘New broom sweeps well’? I bet many of you have heard it, and many of you have been the new broom itself which includes me.

How long do you think the new broom will continue to shines if there is no one taking care of the new broom? Will it last for years, or only for a few months? So, if this new broom fails, whose fault is it? Is it the broom’s owner or the broom itself?

Will this failed new broom be left with the old brooms which are broken, bended, twisted, ugly and limped? There is a possibility of that happening. Will the failed new broom collecting dust or will it revived the broken and jaded old broom back to life?

It’s depends whether the old broom wants it or not. If the old broom has enough of the craps around him, the old broom will just sit there, enjoying his days and watching life pass by. But if the old broom wants changes, the old broom will welcomes the new broom. Together they will mend their way, and bring the shines back.

Will it be in the same house they served or will they shine in the new house? That’s depends, right?

Hmmm... which one are you? Are you the new broom or the old broken broom? But one thing for sure, I’m an evergreen broom. Never get old.....


  1. Definitely not an expression I've heard! Though our parallel might be "You can't teach an old dog new tricks."

  2. I have heard that expression before and there are some of us who like the old dog.