Friday, April 8, 2011

It's all about food today!

We have an impromptu birthday party today. Not really a party. It is just a small gathering in the office to celebrate PL’s birthday in advance. We had a chocolate cake and thanks to BSS who walked all the way to Secret Recipe to buy the cake.

Talking about food, my seven years old has a simple cooking lesson at school today. His Bahasa Melayu teacher asked them to bring bread, sardine, cucumber and butter to school. The objective is not to teach the students how to make sandwich but to see whether the students can understand the instructions. 

When I reached home, before I can put down my bags, he already started telling me what they did in the class. He also said that they shared all the sandwiches with other classes too. He proudly told me that he can make sandwiches now and if I want one, let him know. I just nodded my head acknowledging him. 

But I was glad when he didn’t bring back the sandwiches. If he did, I don’t think I will eat. Not sure how clean was their hand when they did the sandwiches.

For dinner tonight, the kids wanted McDonald. As we passed by the Bangi’s McDonald, the parking was full. We had to park at the Kompleks PKNS  and walked our way to McDonald. 

I was surprised to see it was packed with people, mainly young people who came and brought their laptop there and started surfing the internet. They were hogging the table and their inconsiderate action has left other patrons standing waiting for empty table. Heh! Some  of them were there to study but I wonder how much they can absorbed as it was very noisy. After waiting for ten minutes, we managed to secure a big table for six of us. 

Ish! Ish! Ish! Zara who was so adamant that we go to McDonald only ate French Fries but Zaki who said he wanted to go to Pappa Rich, ended up eating McChicken and nugget. Ahhh..Kids! Kids!

Oh ya! Before I go, here is an update on my mom. She will have her operation tomorrow and please pray for her and also this weekend is the Malaysian Formula1 GP. Go Mark Webber!

Thanks…see you…Salam

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