Saturday, April 2, 2011

April - Birthday, Anniversary and Wedding

Hey we are already in April and in means we are in second quarter of the year. I don’t know where my 1st quarter went to. That’s how fast the time flies.

Yesterday also means that we are into our third years of partnership with our IT Partner and I would say this is one hell of difficult marriage. There has been a lot of fighting between the parents and who suffers? It is us, the kids.

But moving forward I really hope things will change. No more fighting and suffering. Pray for that, wahai kawan-kawan ku.

This April also means three birthdays celebration in my family. My hubby, my son and I were all born in April. Huh! It means another number being added to my age. But do I feel old? Nah! Not old but wiser. But one thing for sure, I will be sharing my birthday cake again with my son.

Oh ya! There was a wedding reception at my new neighborhood today. It was the first in this area. I would say it was grand and will be difficult to emulate. The foods were fabulous and one more thing, they have free ice-cream where you can just go to the ice-cream truck and ordered your ice-cream. The kids love it.

The host also gave everyone of the guests a compilation of prayers. Normally people will give either bunga telur or cake but not my neighbor. I love that little gift. Very useful. 

Oh! Congratulation to the newlywed couple! And here a song that I dedicated to them - “Selamat Pengantin Baru” by Saloma.

Enjoy it!



  1. ami abdul rahmanApril 2, 2011 at 7:41 PM

    i think its a trend now, where people give praying stuff for wedding..last time we received praying beads, surah yassin nicely covered with embroidered cloth material ( i gave to mak )..

  2. so interesting to hear about your world! renting an ice cream truck? so fun, but I wonder how great the cost would be for us? a lot, I think...

  3. Ami, agreed but still not common to those outside KL.

    Jeffe: It is just a small ice-cream truck. Hope that one day I can rent one too for my party.

  4. I can't wait to wish you happy birthday!!