Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I didn't expect it.....

Last Sunday, after my kids Quran lesson, I sat down and talked to the Ustaz. He is around late twenties or early thirties.

He asked me whether I’m working, and I told him that I worked in a telecommunication company. Then I asked him, “What about your wife?”

He replied, “I’m still single,” and without a pause, he asked me, “Can you find me a wife?”

I was stunned, and was quiet for a while when he said that. Never in million years have I expected someone to ask me to find him a wife. It took me a while to register what he asked, and when it did, I just laughed.

When I told my husband, who joined us later, he said he knew that. The ustaz then said, “Kak, why not you find one for me and one for abang (referring to my hubby).”

It was funny, and I just laughed. I know that if my husband wants another wife, he will find one on his own. He won't ask me to get for him.Hah! He knows the consequences, and I trust my husband. He will not look for another wife because he knows it is not easy to raise another family. One family is enough to give him headache.

For those who wanted to practice polygamy, they need to be fair to all their wives. He has to practice equal treatment in term of loves, property and wealth. It is not easy as no matter what, he will still has his favorite wife.

But some people don’t care about equal treatment. Lust will rule them, and most of them who married more than one, marry a young women, and they are proud of it. Oh! I bet that feeling will be slowly fading away once they realize that they have small kids that need to be feed, need to be cared and most important, need education. All of that need money.

Just imagine, when man at their age can relax and look forward for retirement; they will have to continue to work to support the young wife and kids. Oh yeah! If they have baby, they also have to get up in the middle of the night to take care of the baby. They have to go through the whole cycle as what they have gone through with their first wife.

How many men think about this before they married a second one? Not many I guess because one particular part of their body over rules their rationale thinking.

Okay guys, sorry if I offended you. Sekian. Salam.


  1. Polygamy isn't very common here. I know that in families where it IS practiced and seems to work, the wives usually organize the lifestyle and the man ends up being a bit left out. If a man doesn't want to be bossed around by one woman, I can't imagine him enjoying being bossed around by two or three.

  2. Polygamy is quite common here but it is not easy to practice polygamy. Permission from first wife is needed but there are men who cheated behind their first wife and married the second wife outside Malaysia.

  3. macam bengang aje..

  4. tak pun...tapi kisah kena go through semua semula ini ada baca somewhere mana lelaki tu fikir sepuluh kali nak kahwin satu lagi.