Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Zaki

Seven years ago, on 12th April 2004, I spent my birthday in the labour room. Yes, my third son, Muhammad Zaki Luqman, share the same birthday as me. Since then, we have been sharing  birthday cake.

This boy can’t wait to see the world. He was four weeks early than his due date, and like his older brother Amir, the water bag broke. You can read about Amir here

If Amir decided to say hi to the world in the morning, this boy was in the middle of the night. We have to rush to Ampang Putri at 2am in the morning, leaving behind my two young boys with my maid.

Unlike his brother, he was in the right position. No caesarian needed, but the doctor has to induce me as my body was not ready yet. Aduh! This is the longest period I have ever spent my time in the labour room.

As I was waiting and waiting for his grand arrival, I can hear others in the other room, crying, shouting and screaming. Few women have left the labour rooms, but I was still in the room wondering when will he made his appearances.

At 2pm, the doctor came in and checked on me. Still there was no progress.

Doctor said," I would have to perform cesarean if he didn't come out by 4pm." 

Guess what? He must have heard it and scared. At 3.59pm, he announced his arrival to the world with a loud cry.

Even though I spent my birthday in pain and sweat, but I received the best birthday gift ever. Zaki. Nothing can take that away from me.

Now he is in Standard One, and there is one thing that I have observed about him. He is very attach to me, and he doesn’t like me to go anywhere without him. 

Zaki, Happy Birthday, and Ibu doakan supaya Zaki menjadi anak yang soleh, berani dan berjaya. Amin.


  1. Happy Birthday to both of you. May Allah Bless your lives here and in the hereafter.

  2. How wonderful. I just saw this as my son, also a Zaki, turns one today. Happy belated birthday to you both!