Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My mom, the Brave Lady.

I went to see my mom at the Putrajaya Hospital this evening. She had an operation on Saturday. Alhamdulillah, she is fine. Her recovery has been smooth so far and no major complication.

I called her before I leave the office, asking whether she needs anything, but she already asked my sister, Arda, to buy Nasi Lemak for her. The hospital has been giving her porridge, and she doesn’t like it. Doctor told her that there is no problem for her to consume rice. Aahh! Someone must have forgotten to order the right food for her.

When I reached there, my mom was in the bathroom. Hah! The first thing that caught my attention was the mango in the container. Whoa… without asking permission I just took it and started to eat. When my mom came out, I told her that I was hungry. Luckily the mango was sweet.

As we chatted, I asked my mom to show me her wound. Wow! A single long cut across her left breast, and it's healing nicely. There’s a small rubber hose attached to the left breast that drains the blood to the bottle.

When Arda and her husband arrived, they brought the Nasi Lemak and Mee Hoon Soup for mom and Musliha. The Nasi Lemak looked very nice, but mom only ate a little. Since I was still hungry, I took some and ate it, but what a turned off. The chicken was sweet and not to my liking.

As we sat down and chat, my mom told me that sometimes she felt my father was around. Whenever she closed her eye, she saw him sitting on the wheelchair, wearing his black shirt and kopiah. We were silent for a while.

Dad used to be at Ward 3A, and now, mom is at Ward 3B. Dad suffering was still fresh in our memory. My niece was very sad when she came to visit my mom, and she was not alone.

When I left, my sister and her husband were still there. Hmmm.. They will only leave the place when the guard chases them out. So, dear mak, don’t think of going back home yet. You just rest and relax there so that you can heal faster.

Sekian. Salam


  1. Hope yr mom recover and feel better.......Insya Allah

  2. IThank you. Insya Allah, she will. Amin.