Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Not a good day!

I did not have a good day today. Not that I have a problem at work just that it is one of the day where you just do not have the zest to do thing. Maybe the day itself started on the wrong note.

I was caught in a jam for 1.5 hours in traffic jam this morning. I left home early because my calendar showed that I have a 9a.m. meeting but when I reached office, I was told it has been rescheduled to 10am.

Duh! Why don’t someone SMS and informed that the meeting was rescheduled? I did not get upset but it made me wondered why let people went through the jam when we have a means and technology to communicate this changes?  

I was tired the whole morning. Maybe, it was from the rush and jam in the morning. While having my lunch, I received SMS from my sister. She updated us on the result from mom’s visit to her doctor. It confirmed that mom will be having her mastectomy this coming Saturday. Doctor said that by doing total removal of her left breast, she will not have to go through chemotherapy. My mom is already decided earlier to go through this and get it over The only thing left is for us to pray hard so that no other complication will happen to her.

And to add further to my bad day, my right leg is giving problem. I have been in pain since morning and I aggravated it this morning when I rushed to office. If the pain doesn’t go away tomorrow morning, I will pay a visit to my doctor.

That’s generally summed up my lousy day today. OK..salam.

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