Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Little Dear Artist.

Tonight, we have an ustaz coming to our house to teach the children ‘mengaji’. I thought of joining them, but I was caught in the jam at NPE. There was a fire at one kampong along the NPE.

I saw three fire trucks, polices, ambulances and the Emergency Respond Team at the scene.

We have been looking for a place to send the kids to mengaji, but we can not find it here. As a last resort, we have to hire the Ustaz to teach us. Everyone in the family including me and my hubby will be learning the right way of reading the Quran.

Since today is the first day, I let the four of them 'mengaji' first. Zaki started first, and since he has mengaji before, it was not a problem. I think he can finish the IQRA 1 in three days.

For Zara, she just started to mengaji, but she was not bad. She covered at least 4 pages today.

As the two were busy ‘mengaji’, Syafiq showed me a drawing done by Zara this afternoon. Here is the first drawing. She drew a picture of her family, and you can see that the picture of the father is on the right while she is on the left most and in green color. Look at that picture. She drew her picture with long hair whereas the rest have spiky hair. What other thing can you spotted in the picture.

The second drawing was a picture of the three of us; my hubby, me, her and our house. What do you think? Does she have talent? Ha-ha! Cannot tell yet but she loves to scribbles and draws thing.


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