Monday, April 25, 2011

Kids and Pasar Tani

Sayur Pegaga
We had our breakfast at MacDonald yesterday. Not my favorite place for breakfast, but the two young kids wanted it. The only one who didn’t join us was Amir. He had a great time at iCity in Shah Alam, together with his school mates.

The teachers took them to experience winter. He was very excited about the trip. The teachers rented them winter coats and boots. When he reached home, he said, "Very cold." Hah good for him! Maybe it will spur him to study hard, and go to Europe or US to further his study.

On the way back from MacDonald, we saw a bunch of kids, playing football. They were actually attending training. I told my hubby that Amir's looking for a new training camp for his football. We stopped, and asked Syafiq to find out from the coach about the training. It’s free. Any kids can come and train with them, but once they are selected to play in a match, they have to pay. The training is on every Sunday morning, 8 – 10am, in the morning. Zaki wanted to join too. Let’s see whether he can stand the training.

Not far from MacDonald, there's a Pasar Tani (farmer’s Market). The whole parking space behind the Kompleks PKNS was taken up by them. You can find food, vegetables, chicken, fish, meat and clothes there.

We stopped by and took the kids with us. This was their first experience going to Pasar Tani. Their first expression was very funny. They were horrified to see the head of the goat on the table, and they can’t stand the smell there.

As we walked from one stall to another, I saw Zara covered her nose. She didn’t like the smell, but she was fascinated with all the goods on sales. Zaki was the brave one. He didn’t show any reaction to the smell or the sight. In fact, he wanted to touch the fish and the chicken, but Syafiq stopped him.

We bought ribs, chicken, lala, sayur pegaga and dried anchovies. Heh I don’t know when I’m going to cook all this, but definitely this week the kids will enjoy some home cook meal.

And for me and my hubby, we plan to go to Pasar Tani every Sunday now since Amir and Zaki will be attending the football training, and it's going to be a busy Sunday morning for us.

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