Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tales of the Land of No Name - Part 3

The Queen was asked to leave earlier as her union with the Prince of Down Under has done more damage to the land.

The transfer of power was very smooth. No bloodbath between the new King and the Queen. Some of the Queen's loyal supporters followed her, while those who have been mistreated by the Queen happy to see her go.

The new King didn't waste his time. He looked around the poor land, how they had been cheated by the prince, and planned to bring back the old glory days. But he has been slow. There was no news from the king on the plans. The people of land of no name become restless.

They waited and waited for the good news, but nothing coming out from the palace. One by one gave up. They were thinking again of the nebulous future that they will have. One afternoon, in the hot summer day, the people sat under the tree in the town. 

"Oh man! I should follow Alan when he invited me to go the land in the north," said Jude. " I would have been better off now."
"Are you sure you want to follow him? Do you know that he followed the Queen," said Mark.
"Really? I thought he went to the north," said Jude scratching his head.

Gabriel who has been listening to the conversation, asked Jack, who was their unofficial leader.

"What do you think the king will do?" asked Gabriel to Jack.
"I don't know."
"Come on Jack. You always know what's going on at the palace," said Peter."
"Ughh. Not with the king. Nobody really knows what he is doing," said Jack.

They sat there wondering about their future, when suddenly they heard a sound of the horses coming. They looked up, and saw the king's soldiers riding toward the town centre.

"Hear yea! Hear yea!" said the soldier. "The king is inviting you to his palace this Saturday's afternoon for high tea. He wanted to know his people. Everyone is welcome," announced the soldier.

One of the soldiers got off from the horse and nailed the notice on the tree. Once he was up on his horse again the leader looked at the people, and nodded at them. After the soldiers had left, they crowded at the tree and looked at the notice.

Finally, it was Saturday, and everybody walked to the palace wearing his or her best clothes. When they reached the palace compound, they were surprised to see huge tents were erected in the middle of the compound with lots of food on the table. There were musicians playing music. Eventhough, everyone was there, the place was very quiet. The only sound heard was the music. Everybody stood outside the tents and whispered to each other. 

Without them realizing, the king was among them. He came out from the side door, and not from the front door where everyone was watching. When the crowds realized the king was with them, everyone started searching for the king. The king was known to be humble, and liked to interact with his people. He spoke and shook hands with them. He then invited them to eat. 

After everyone had finished eating, he walked to the front and stood on the small stage.

"Dear people, I am glad that you come today. It gives me the opportunity to meet you. As you know, I have been working with my aides and knights on the plan to improve the land. And today," he paused, " allow me to share my plan with you. Please let me know what you think of the plan," he said.

He told the people about his plan, and what he wanted to do first. The people were happy to hear his plan and gave their approval. The king well laid plans were well received by the people, but not by some of his knights. 

Before he ended his speech, he had reminded the people, "Don't be afraid to see me. You can come anytime to my palace. I would not turn you away," he promised.

Before the people dispersed, they had shouted, "Long live the King, and God bless the king."

When the King went in, the people started to go home, and they were busy discussing the plan.

"What do you think of the king plans, Jack?" asked Michael as they walked home.
"I don't know. It sounded very good, and I hope that he will do as he said," said Jack.
"Yeah. I hope he will. I like what I heard," said Peter.

They went home with a high hope that their future would change for good...

Will their future be as what the king's promised? ....

To be continued...

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