Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Silver and Bronze!

Whoa! Mr. Han is back. Everyone was worried who would be his victim. But they don't have to worry because it was me and me and me, until Mr. Long gave up waiting for me. Huh! How happy am I!!!!! Ah! Forget about Mr. Han. Let’s talk about my weekend. By the way, I hope he would terrorize someone else tomorrow. 

On Saturday, Zaki came back from school with two medals. It was his school’s sports day. I missed it because my black beauty was waiting for me at the workshop. When I reached home, he was waiting for me at the door, proudly showing off his silver and bronze medal.

His team won second place in 4x50m and bronze for a group event called 'membawa bola dengan gelung' (carry the ball using hoop). Huh! I don’t know what it was, but he said it was very tiring. 

Since I didn’t go, I asked him to describe the relay. It was cute because instead of using baton, as usual, they just tagged the receiver. It must be fun, and I hope he would continue to excel in sports, ahem..like me.

Amir didn't win anything because his team lost in tug and war during the semi-final. That's the only event he took part. I told him its okay, and he could try again next year. Being a sport lover, he was upset that he was not selected in the final. Anyway, he was happy when he was selected to represent boy scouts in the march past, and there was ASTRO crews too covering the event for one of their shows.

Talking about tug and war, I'm not sure what's so great about it. Syafiq also took part in tug and war, and another one of my kids who didn't win anything. When I asked how come his team lost? His answered, "The other team are all big size." Huh! Excuses!

Oh yeah! The sport days were held on Saturday and Sunday. The Saturday event was for those in standard 1 - standard 3 while those in standard 4 - 6, it was on Sunday. And today, the two boys were given a day off after spending their weekend at school. Luckily Zara didn’t demand to be given a day off from school too!


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