Monday, July 4, 2011

Another Engagement

Brother and sister..both engaged.
I missed my nephew's engagement ceremony yesterday.I was kind of sad because I was really looking forward for his engagement. What to do? I had another appointment that I cannot reschedule to another time and date, as it was arranged by the government agency.

It was very interesting how from ‘merisik’, it then turned to engagement. The initial plan was for my sister family to go for ‘merisik’ (asking ceremony or spying ceremony). If you are interested what is ‘merisik’, you can go here

They had been planning for ‘merisik’ for the past two months, and it was agreed with the girl side that we will come on the 2nd July.

My brother Zahir, was asked to be the spokesman for the merisik, and I was offered to go with them too. I wanted to go, as it going to be my first experience in this. Ahem… preparing for my own self. Who knows my oldest might decided to get married young.

However on Wednesday, my sister called, and said that  they have changed the date to Sunday. I was disappointed, but I told her that I can’t join her, but would love to be there for the engagement ceremony.

Tup…tup.. On Friday afternoon, my sister called again and said there a change of plan. My sister said, “No merisik, but it will be an engagement ceremony for Boy.” 

“What???” I said. I was speechless, but the girl’s side has requested it to be engagement instead of merisik.

“Ah!” I said. “I can’t join you, but let me see whether I can change my appointment.” 

I cannot change, so on Sunday, my family members minus my family and my sister, Zura, headed down to Tangkak, Johor. It was a simple ceremony. No outsiders during the ceremony. It was purely a family affair. 

When I called my mom this evening, she told me that everything went well. The foods that were prepared by the host was great. They also get a chance to eat 'durian'. Waa.....melepas gue.

The wedding will take place in January next year. Meantimes, Boy (my nephew) has to start plan and save for his wedding, and his sister, Iza will be the busiest lady next year. Two weddings to plan.

Congratulation to Izwan aka Boy and Ain.

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