Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sg Besi, Nasi Ayam and Apam Balik.

Today, I went to Sungai Besi town to buy the Chicken Rice and the Apam Balik. We, my hubby and me, were on the way back from Petaling Jaya, and since it was lunch time, we decided to buy the Chicken Rice there.

Every time I went to Sungai Besi I felt like I was back in Year 2000. There was not much progress in the town itself except there are more cars now than before. The stores, the stalls and the roadside peddlers are still the same people that I knew in 2000. Maybe now instead of them selling the foods or goods, they have their children taking over.

The town itself was so crowded. The road was narrow, and it was made worse when cars parked at the roadside. I guess this is due to unlimited parking space available in the town itself. People sometimes just double parked when they cannot get parking.

The chicken rice shop, or known as Sg Besi Nasi Ayam OK, the place was slightly bigger compared to when I was there in 2004. They also have a new assistant to help them. Their son. The last time I saw the boy, he was still in primary school. How time flies. The price also increased but not so much, and the quality and the taste of the nasi ayam are still the same. That’s why they are popular with the locals.

On the way back to Bangi, we took the Bandar Tasik Selatan route. Wow! There are so many food stalls along the road. You only need to have your money ready. So many foods, so many varieties. But it was not the case ten years ago. Back then, there was only one or two stalls there. Ahhh…. Food business must be doing very well there, or there are a lot of hungry people in that area.

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