Thursday, July 28, 2011


It's football night, tonight. Malaysia versus Singapore at Bukit Jalil. There was a long traffic jam on Seremban-KL highway this evening. The jam started immediately after the Sg Besi toll. Huh! I wanted to watch, but the kids wanted me to help them with their homework, so no football.

Football is always no 1 sports in Malaysia. Whenever there is football on TV, whether it involves Malaysian team or the English premier league or any international games, the coffee house and the Mamak restaurants will be full of people, especially by young guys.

Last Saturday, on the way back from my niece's house, my kids were hungry. We thought of stopping at the Mamak restaurant at Seksyen 15 for dinner, but when we reached there all the restaurants were packed with people staring at the big TV. Some of the restaurant projected it on the projector. I guess it is more fun to watch with friends at the shop than watching at home. Tak oommppphhhhlahhh.......

I bet, it the same tonight for those restaurants. It will be full of people watching the games. It must be a good business. Nobody will sit for ninety minutes without ordering anything. 

By the way, we lost to Singapore. Drew 1-1 with Singapore tonight, and lost 5 - 3 in Singapore last Saturday. Anyway Harimau Malaya, you had tried your best. Good luck in your next game.

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