Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And the preparation starts....

Today, I attended an intensive course for my upcoming trip in October. I was looking forward for this training since I missed the basic training early this year. The training helped to clear my muzzle thoughts and doubts, and now I had a clearer picture what to expect. However, the trip itself will be very challenging physically and mentally. So I have to be prepared.

The guy who conducted the training was really good. He was relaxed and easy going, and this made the whole sessions interesting. He cracked jokes and shared his experiences with us. It was very helpful especially after lunch when everybody was very sleepy. Eventhough, he jokes around he still managed to get the message across. 

The moment he open his mouth, I immediately knew that he came from my home state. The intonation and the word he used sound music to my ear. Hah! Some of the words he used, I have not heard for years. Beautiful, beautiful sounds. 

Because not everyone understands the words he used, so only some of us can understand his jokes. The lady on my right was kind of lost. She looked at me when I laughed and giggled. At one time, I have to translate the meaning to her.

The training also helped me realized that I had so many things that I need to learn. It reminds me of my role as a wife, mother and daughter too. Huh! All this while I have taken my role for granted. I hope that this training and my upcoming trip will change me to become a better person. Insya Allah.

There will be one more training that I have to attend, and I also have to read more books on Haj and Umrah and less on romance. Heck! I have not bought any new books since May this year.

Oh! I have one more day to go, and tomorrow morning, it would be a topic on women. It will be on the dos and don'ts during the trip, and it will be very useful tips for us, the ladies. And there will be a test too. Ughhh! I hate that.

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