Sunday, July 31, 2011

Between cat, rabbit and hamster....

I was at Taman Tun Dr Ismail yesterday evening. We had dinner at Restaurant Ismail, one of our favorite restaurants. It was not crowded, but during the fasting month, you need to make a reservation; otherwise, there will be no place to sit.

They are famous for their beriyani. In fact, yesterday the beriyani was finished, and we have to order nasi Bukhara for ahem… me. Evethough, it was for me, it was shared with four others. Everybody was eyeing for it, but I have no problem to share with them.

After dinner, we went to Masjid At-Taqwa for Maghrib prayer. It is one of the richest mosque that I know of. When we reached there, the mosque is under renovation. As we looked for parking, we saw two kittens near the drain. One is gray, and one is orange. Very cute, and my kids were so excited to see the kittens.

The kittens’ mother was nearby, but the area where they were crawling was dark. We were very concerned that someone might run over them. I asked Syafiq to send the kittens and their mom to the nearby canteen, but the kids had different ideas. They wanted to take both kittens home.

I like the idea, but, unfortunately, their dad ruled it out. On the way out from the mosque, the kids kept throwing the ideas to their dad. The kids said cat, hubby proposed rabbit or hamster. For me, I like cat too, but I let them debate with their dad. The kids kept on listing the benefits of keeping a cat as the pet.

We reached 1Utama, our main destination, and we didn't reach any decision on the pet yet. During dinner tonight, they brought the subject of the cat again, but hubby was not there. Hmmm... Don't know when they will get their pet.

Oh ya! Look at this signboard that I saw at 1Utama. ‘WTF’, and whoever came out with the signboard was a genius as it caught the shoppers’ attention. Heeheehee..What were your first impression when you see that? 

Oh ya! Fasting starts tomorrow, and I would like to wish all my Muslims friends, Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Mubarak....



  1. Zai, WTF caught my attention too.. esp since I was on a marathon ganti puasa plus traveling in between.. one day when I went to OU for lunch, I was shocked to see the sign! :p

  2. Raz, dari jauh dah nampak. My son pun kata apalah ni, tapi memang bagus and kreatif orang tu.