Monday, August 1, 2011

Zara and her first attempt at fasting

Alhamdulillah, the kids get through the first day of Ramadan without any problem. For Zaki, this is the first time he fast the whole day while Zara was only for a short while.

The night before, they were very excited and can’t wait for sahur (the early-morning meal). Since they need to last the whole day, I cooked rice and fried some curry puff.

I woke up at 4.15am this morning. Actually, I wanted to get up at 4.45am, but my dear hubby set the alarm at 4.15am. This gave me ample time to fry and heat whatever food that we have during dinner. The kids didn’t get down until thirty minutes later. Zaki and Amir were the first to sit at the table.

“Where’s Zara?” I asked.
“Still sleeping,” said Zaki.
“Eh! Better get her up. She wanted to fast,” I said.

So, off went Syafiq to wake his little sister up. When she reached the kitchen, her eyes were still closed. She sat quietly while the rest were already eating their food.

“What do you want? Rice?” I asked.

She shook her head and pointed to curry puff. I gave her one piece, and she ate slowly. She was still eating her curry puff when the boys finished their food. I offered her one more curry puff, but she doesn’t want. She said she wanted her milk. 

I thought she would go back to sleep after she had her milk, but she, Amir and Zaki decided to play, and they kept on disturbing me. I have to ask them not to disturb me as I was sleepy. I only had four hours of sleep before I got up for sahur.

When I was about the leave for work, Zara quietly came to me and said she wanted her milk again.

“Eh! Aren’t you fasting?” I asked.
“I am, but I want susu,” she said.
“No. You cannot eat or drink anything if you fast. Why not wait until 12pm, okay?” I said, and she agreed.

At 10am, she called me at the office, and said she wanted her milk. Since she is only five, I told her that she can have her milk, and to ask her Uwan to make the milk. 

Since she didn’t want Zaki and Amir to know, she quietly told her Uwan, and had her milk downstairs before joining the boys watching TV.

At 3pm, she called me again, and said she wanted her milk. I asked her to eat something before she got stomach upset, and no milk. No objection because she must be very hungry. Hah! Normally she would eat in front of the TV, watching the Indonesian drama, but this time she told her Uwan that she would have it in the kitchen. She didn’t want anyone to know that she was not fasting. Smart little girl!

During iftar, she wanted exactly like what Amir and Zaki had, and told me that she wanted to get up for sahur again tonight. Heh! I don’t think I want to wake her up because tomorrow is a school day. She might use sleepiness as an excuse not to go to school.

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