Monday, August 8, 2011

An evening in Alamanda

We were at Alamanda, Putrajaya yesterday evening to do some shopping and groceries. We left home around 3.30pm, and it didn't take us long to reach there. I thought getting parking would be a nightmare, but it was not bad. We didn't have to go round and round to look for parking.

We decided to have pizza for our buka puasa (Iftar), so we headed to Pizza Hut. Whoa! No reservation. We had to order and pay them first. I told the girl we would be there by 7.20pm.

We then headed to Parkson. Zaki wanted a new pair of shoes because his current shoes is already tight. He didn't want any shoes but Polo kids high top. He saw it last week at Parkson 1Utama, but there was no size. Unfortunately, there was no polo shoes for kids in Alamanda. The only brand for kids was Kiki Lala. I showed to him, but he just walked past it.

Since we're already there, we bought Zara another pair of jeans and blouse for her. I wanted her to wear a skirt or gown, but she refused. She wanted jeans. She also wanted a pair of shoes. I showed her all the girls shoes and sandals, but none caught her fancy. She wanted sneakers. Gahhhhh!!!!!, my little doesn't like girl stuff. She just wanted to be like one of the boys.

As we were busy choosing, selecting and trying shoes, not us but hubby, Zara said that she's hungry. After we had paid the shoes, we went to Pizza Hut, and we were one hour earlier than the time I told them. Well, they can't turn us out, right?

So they brought Zara's food first. Cabonara, Ice Milo and ice cream. Woohoo! Zaki who fasted was really tested especially when Zara had her ice cream. Every five minutes, he would be asking me the time. It's fun to watch him and Amir looking at Zara, and when the buka puasa time came, they quickly said the prayer and eat.

Half-way through, Zara wanted to go to the toilet. Luckily, I had finished my meal, and we went to the first floor toilet. On the way to the toilet, I realized that the mall was very quiet. Only one or two people walking around, while all the restaurants were packed with people. I realized than that Alamanda's patron was mainly Malay. At other major shopping center, likes One Utama, Mid Valley or KLCC, the place will still be busy with people during Iftar.

After an hour, the place was busy again with shoppers. Before it started crowded, we headed to Carrefour to buy some groceries. On the way home, I realized that we didn't accomplish our goals. Heh! We have to go shopping again.

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  1. Zai, shopping jgn tak shopping...hehehe...