Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What did you call me?

Hahaha...today I saw a memo written up by Mr Han for the new guy. Heh! He wrote that I was an unqualified staff to manage the departmental budget. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! I shouldn't take this function when he was desperate for someone to help him do the budget. I should say NO to him earlier, but I'm a nice person. Don't know how to say no. I admit that's my problem. My hubby said the same thing too.

Did I get angry when I saw that? No, because there's a truth to that. I'm a pure IT person. I never take any accounting or finance classes when I was in college. Oh! I did learned some basic accounting when I was in lower secondary school, and I know the terms debit and credit,  but the rest are all fuzzy.

When I was 'forced' to do this budget, I had few sleepless nights. To make it worse, the handover that was done (in total 10 hours) fit for someone who has worked in finance line for years. Not for someone like me.

But whatever it is, I did enjoy handling it. I learned new things, made new friends, especially those from the finance department. They helped me a lot, and not as claimed by someone. That particular person knows how to assign and delegate only.  I would talk to others first before I go to him, but to be fair he did give some guides.

By the way, I can't wait for the new guy to join us next month. I would not dump everything to him on day one. It would scare him off. Furthermore, the budget exercise is about to start, and he can have all the fun staying up late preparing that.  I already told Mr. Han that I don't have the bandwidth to do the budget exercise when I have my own work to do. Ahhh.... Pity, pity me! ...I have been neglecting my work since I took over this finance thingie. Hmm... It sounds like a fling eh? Now all the sweetness had gone, I'm going back to my own work.

My dear loyal work is waiting for me patiently.  Sorry work, I know I have not given much attention to you, but don't worry; you will get my full attention next month. Another four more weeks to be exact. Then I'm yours! Totally yours!!!!!!! But then, I have to leave you for a short while, to be a guess of the holy land, but I know I would leave you in a good hand.

Sekian. Salam.

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