Saturday, August 13, 2011


I didn’t know what to blog today.  Totally I have no idea at all. I have been thinking and  sitting in front of my computer for two hours, checking Facebook, twitters and surfing the Internet.

Out of curiosity,  I googled ‘arzai’.  That’s my favorite nickname that I used for my online, and for my office. I have used it since I was thirteen years old, and never know that when they created my login id for my office system, they used the same name. Must be special, huh! By the way,  what does it stands for?

A for Abd, R for Rahman, by the way, that’s my father’s name and Zai is my name, and Zai’s what everybody called me, at home or at the office.

When I was in Form 1, I used this nickname to write Arzai underneath my chair. Well, most of us wrote our names underneath the chairs just because someone with a broken chair will take your chair and changed it with a broken chair.

But there was one funny story with regard to how I got my nickname. I first wrote Zaiar, but there was one boy whose name starts with R. He thought I was combining his initial and my name, R And Zai.  He thought I was crazy about him. Bah! He was wrong. He was not even my type.  To avoid more confusion, I changed from Zaiar to arzai. So that’s the end of the story for him.

I didn’t know that there was a place called Arzai  in Lebanon and Pakistan.  The one in Lebanon is near seaside; whereas the one in Pakistan, is more of a tribal area or use by the tribal people. Well, I’m kind of curious to see how these two places fare.   Insya Allah, one day I might travel to this place and see what’s the major attraction.


  1. seronok baca yr blog

  2. Thanks Zai! I really enjoyed reading this and look forward to reading more. :)