Monday, August 22, 2011

Iftar at Villa Seroja

My family was at my place on Saturday for Iftar. Well, not everyone was there, but the majority of them were there. The most important guest was there! My mom and so were my sisters. Both my brothers couldn’t make it, but Bang Ngah sent his kids and grand kids. He had other appointment that he could get away from.

I was happy as it went well. We started the event with tahlil for my late father and followed by doa selamat. When we started the prayer, it was after 7pm. My fault because the prayer was added at the last minute. They only know about it at 5.30pm, so can’t blame them when they reached my place late. By the way, the prayer was led by my father in law.

We had kuih muih, murtabak, pengat pisang, santan durian, orange juice and teh Tarik for the break fast. Some we bought and some were brought by my sisters. The table was full of food. The hit of the day was Tembosa, which was made by my sister, Ami. I called it a giant curry puff, but the filling was made from egg, black pepper, chili and onion.

We then adjourned for Maghrib prayer, and this time, the prayer was led by Ustaz Najib. He was the only non family member that was invited. After the prayer, we resumed our dinner. We had rice, chicken kurma, prawn sambal, fried Kailan, fried chicken and fried ikan pari masin. My mom brought Sambal Tempoyak goreng with anchovies. I was very happy to see that most of the food finished and only left some for sahur.

I was lucky to have my mom’s helper and my sister's maid to help washed the dishes. After they had left, my nieces, Yasmin and Nadia turned to wash. Without them, I guess I would be busy washing dishes the whole night.

Since my house has a lot of spaces outside, my sisters proposed barbecue for another family gathering which we planned to do it during Eid. Hmm... No problem for that as long as I have someone to help the cleaning.

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