Saturday, August 20, 2011

I need a break....

TG it's Friday. I don’t know how I feel if I have to go to work tomorrow.  I might not have the energy to drag myself to office. Since beginning of Ramadhan,   I have only about four to five hours of sleep every night, and I guess it is slowly affecting my sanity.

And today, I hit the limit. I couldn’t focus on my work; my eyes lids kept closing, and my tummy was upset too. So at five o’clock, I packed my things and went home. Luckily I left before rains started, or else I would be stranded.

Since I was so tired and sleepy, I took a rest in my room. Within second, I was transported to the La La land, and almost missed breaking my fast. Luckily Syafiq woke me up ten minutes before Iftar. Hah! It becomes a mad rush for me caused I haven't had my Asar prayer. Huh! Bad bad girl, Zai.  I should pray first before taking my rest.

Anyway, when I went down, all the foods were ready on the table. I have to thanks my in-laws and Syafiq for getting the food ready. And as usual my in-laws will be sitting patiently waiting for the Magrib's azan. Heh! Their plates will be full of foods. While my in-laws were ready for Iftar, my kids were still in the living room. They would only enter the kitchen when Azan is heard. By that time, everything will be in chaos.

Zara and Zaki would also join us, and they behaved as if they fasted the whole day. I have to entertain them first before I could eat my dinner. Ahhh… It’s a tough world for working mom with no helper because the work didn’t stop at the office. I would always be the first to get up and the last to go to bed. That’s why I’m in this condition. I guess I need a break....

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