Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Food! Food! Food! Eat! Eat! Eat!


It's raya, and what does it mean? Eat, eat and lots of eating. As Syafiq said, it's the beginning of putting on weight after a month of fasting. Huh! It does have some truth to it.

Let’s see how my eating spree today. It started with breakfast at my place at 7.30am. What did i have? Hmmm… Lemang, nasi himpit, kuah kacang, rendang and two small pieces of cake. That cake was a special cake. The cake came all the way from Bandung, Indonesia from the famous Kartika Sari outlet.

The next stop was at my neighbour’s house, which was four doors away. Today was the first time I went inside in her house. I always wonder how it looks like inside because it’s very nice from outside, but today, when I stepped in, whoa, it was so nice and cozy. What did they serve? Pulut kuning, nasi himpit, rending and sambal udang. I only had a little bit of pulut kuning or sticky rice.

From her house, we went to the other neighbour's house. The house is at the end of the road. They served nasi bariyani, rendang and some other dishes. I just ate a little bit of the beriyani rice. The food was nice.

I took two hours break before my next stop. It was at my mom's house, and again we have rice. This time nasi tomato (tomatoes rice) and chicken masak merah, sup tulang, ketupat, rendang and other dishes. The first thing that I eat was the sup tulang. Its my favorite, and I always look forward to eat it every raya. Since it was at my house, I munched on other foods like kuih gunting, kuih ros and some other biscuits.

At 6pm, we headed to our last stop of the day, and it was my along’s house. She served soto ayam, sup tulang, rendang, ketupat and few other foods. First round, I had soto ayam and pegadil. Ohhh…. I love pegadil. Besides soto, I also eat ketupat, but I didn't finished it as it the peanut sauce was a little bit hot for my liking.

Four houses in a day, and that sum up my day of eating activities. Tomorrow will be another day, and we will be heading to our relatives' houses in Kuala Pilah. More foods will be served. I guess next week, when I'm back to work, I have to start on my diet again. For now, let's eat!!!!!!!


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