Saturday, September 3, 2011

Raya and Dodol

I’m back to work today. There were only a handful of people in the office.  I wished I could go for a longer leave.

Anyway, I’m done with visiting my relatives in Seremban and Kuala Pilah. Eventhough, we didn’t get to visit all, but I managed to visit my aunties and my Bang Zahir. I also went to my husband’s kampong to visit his grandma and auntie.

Now, we are back in Bangi, and so far my kuih raya (cookies) are still not been touch except for the oats and cappuccino biscuit. It was almost gone. Zaki must have been eating it because he loves it very much.

This raya, I managed to get a few traditional kuih. I have dodol, wajik durian and kuih rose.  Thanks to my mom. She ordered dodol for me from my auntie, who without failed will made dodol for sales every raya.  Lots of people ordered her dodol.

I love dodol and so are my kids. Every raya, I would look for dodol, and my mom knows that. If she didn’t order for me, she would keep some for me from her portion. She knows her girl very well.

Anyway dodol is not easy to make, and not everyone can produce a quality and tasty dodol. In general, it took almost eight to ten hours to make dodol. It had to be cooked outside and in the big and thick kuali besi or wok.

The ingredients are quite simple. It is made of rice flour, palm sugar, white sugar, coconut milk (a lot) and ‘daun pandan’. The ingredients will be mixed and cooked together in the kuali, and the dodol has to be cooked in medium fire. It needs to be stirred non-stop.

Initially you can take a rest, but the moment it becomes thick and sticky, you have to, continuously stir it until the dodol is cooked.  You need all the strength to stir it so that it would not stick to the kuali. That’s why you need quite a number of helpers to help in making the dodol.

Some people like the newly cooked dodol, but I prefer the one that had been kept for a few days when it was already hardened.

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