Monday, September 5, 2011

What a long wait for dinner!

Last night we went to Chan Abdullah for dinner. This is my husband’s favorite restaurant. When we reached there it was a little bit late, around 9pm, but we were not really hungry. We had our tea at 5.30pm, so the kids were okay to have late dinner.

When we reached there, the place was not that crowded like usual. Maybe it was because people were still on leave. My hubby headed straight to our favorite corner, a round table for 6 people.

Not five minutes later, the waiter came and “dropped” the menu next to me. I was shocked because it was kind of rude just to drop it, but he didn’t realize what he did. I said to myself, “Would this be a night of bad services? I hope not.”

Basically we know what we want, but as a habit, we still looked at the menu. Who knows? There might be newly added dishes on the menu. We then ordered Char Koay Teow for Zara and Amir, and for Zaki, myself and hubby, we ordered rice with black pepper beef, vegetable soup and fried chicken with salted egg. As usual, Syafiq would be saying he’s not eating, but I know him very well.

For the drinks, we ordered Lime juice for Syafiq, Laici for Zaki, Syrup Limau for me, Chinese tea for hubby, and ice water for Zara and Amir.

After waiting for 10 minutes, the drinks came, and Zaki was the happiest. There were four big laici in the drink. The kids patiently waited for the food, but after thirty minutes, Zaki and Zara were getting restless.

After waiting for almost an hour, I lost my patient too, and asked the girl how long we had to wait. She went in to check, but never came out and update us with the status. Another 10 minutes passed, and I called the guy who took our ordered. Without checking what happened in the kitchen, he said it won’t be long.

By this time, most of the drinks were finished. Zara also looked so sleepy, and Zaki kept on asking where’s the food. Finally after more than an hour of waiting, the foods arrived. Zara and Amir got their Char Koay Teow, but Zara didn’t want hers.

Next, came the rice with black pepper beef, and when I looked at my plate, there was one long strand of hair. Ughh! I called the girl and returned the rice back to her. She took it to the kitchen, and after 5 minutes came back with new rice. I hope that they throw away the previous one and gave me a new one.

Since the vegetable soup and the fried chicken were still not ready, we ate slowly. The fried chicken only came, 10 minutes later and the soup 15 minutes later. When the kids saw the fried chicken, everybody wanted it. Syafiq who initially didn’t want to eat changed his mind.

Everybody enjoyed the food except Zara. She didn’t touch her food at all. She totally lost her appetite to eat. No matter what I said or her dad said, she refused to eat. We couldn’t let the food goes to waste, right? So who did you think eat Zara’s Koay Teow? Not me but the two older boys. 

Normally, they would not be so slow like last night. I'm not sure why. Maybe most of the workers were still on vacation, but whatever it is, the food was very good.

Since Zara didn’t eat, on the way back, we detoured to MacDonald and get her French Fries, her favorite, which she happily ate it at home. Haha! Someone didn't go to school this morning because she overslept. No more late night for her!

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