Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Zara and her Hari Raya gathering

Zara had a Hari Raya gathering at her school today. She had been looking forward for this since the teacher told her last week. When she got the letter on Monday, she called me and asked her brother to read the letter to me.

And when I reached home on Monday night, she was waiting for me with the letter. The moment, I sat down she showed me the letter, and asked me to read it there and then. She was very excited about the gathering.

She already planned what she wanted to bring and wear. Last night, before she went to bed, she told me that she wanted to bring nugget. “Nugget?” I said as I planned to pack curry puff for her, and she nodded. I try to convince her to bring curry puff, but she refused to budge.

So this morning, I fulfilled her wish. I fried the nuggets for her, and while I was frying it, she came down. Wow! I was surprised because it would normally be difficult to get her up for school. Usually there will be lots of drama.

She also told me that she wanted to wear the new baju kurung. Her dad gave her the old baju kurung, and she refused to wear. Her argument is that teacher said everyone must wear the new baju kurung. She defied her dad, and went to her wardrobe, and took out the new baju kurung. Her dad just shook his head.

Don’t you ever wonder that our kids listen more to the teacher than us? Every single word that came out from the teacher’s mouth sound like a law. If I said the teacher was wrong, she would defend the teacher. That’s how loyal she is to the teacher. It is not only her, but the rest of my kids too.   That’s why, teachers have to be careful what they said and do.

When I came home tonight, she updated me on the gathering. She was happy because her nuggets were very popular among the kids. She further said it was fun, and there's a lot of activities.

Haha…I bet school would not be fun anymore next week, and the drama would definitely continue, again tomorrow morning.

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