Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Should I help her?

Oh I hate this feeling! A young lady, selling books, stopped in front of my house this evening when I was about to go to my sister in law house for Iftar. It was around 6.50pm.

 I was in my car, and about to drive it into my gate when I saw her. She was walking from Jalan 7/5 before she turned into my street. I was hoping that she would continue to walk and would not stop in front of my house. But my hope was in vain.

She stopped, and waited for me to come out from my car. Once she saw me opened the car door, she greeted me with “Assalamualaikum.”

“Wa alaikumussalam,” I replied softly and locked my car.

I knew she was not a local girl. Most probably, she was from Manymar.  Before she said anything, I shook my head to indicate that I was not interested in the books. Furthermore, my hubby and kids were waiting for me in the car.

She tried to explain, but I told her that I didn’t have my money with me. My bag was in the other car.  She stared at me. Her expression was kind of hoping, angry and frustrated. I pity her, but I don’t like to buy books in hurry. I need time to choose and select my reading material.  Since it was almost 7pm, I don’t have time to do that.

I walked to my car, and before I open the door, I looked at her. She was already walking towards my neighbor house. I’m not sure whether she managed to sell any of the books, but her timing was not good. People were busy for iftar.

In the car, I kept on thinking about her. I wonder where did she goes for iftar, does she has  money, and where is her house. I tried to forget her by reading Victoria Dahl’s Good Girl Don’t book on my iPad, but I failed to concentrate.

I felt guilty for not helping her. Until know, 4 hours later, I could still see her angry, hoping and frustrated expression. Gosh!

I feel bad. I feel that I should help her, especially in this holy month of Ramadhan, but I failed to that. Failed to help another person, who is in need.


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  1. there is a difference between true guilt and false guilt. dont knock yourself over false guilt :)