Thursday, August 4, 2011

When the doctor sounds like machine....

My little girl had a very high temperature yesterday. When I woke her up for school in the morning, her temperature was mild. I didn’t let her go to school as I’m afraid that other kids might get it from her.

Before I left for work, I told my father in law to watch her temperature. True enough, by midday, her temperature increased. I asked him to give her the fever medicine first, and to keep the temperature down.

When I reached home from work, she was sleeping on the sofa. “Ahh! Must be very bad,” I said to myself. She normally still able to play no matter how sick she is. We decided to take her to the hospital.

When we reached the Hospital An-Nur, the waiting room was packed with people. There were so many people seeking treatment from the hospital, and the majority were toddlers and young kids. We have to wait, as there were ten patients in front of us.

We waited for 45 minutes, before we were called in. A young female Malay doctor attended to us. Oh ya! Amir was with us too, as his left elbow was in pain. Not sure what happened, but when he woke up on Tuesday morning, he felt pain.

The doctor was good, but she sounded like machine. There was no personal touch. When she attended to Zara, she talked to Zara as if Zara is an adult.

I found it's funny they way she talked. It was like reading from a book or a manuscript. Some example of what she said to me yesterday, and, please read it as if you are reading from a textbook. Okay, here they are.

“Ibu, ada thermometer tak kat rumah?” (Ibu, do you have thermometer at home?)

“Ibu, ubat antibiotik ini mengambil masa 48 jam untuk berkesan” (Ibu, it will take 48 hours to see the effect)

“Kalau saya boleh pegang tangan ini tanpa dia merasa sakit, ianya tidak patah.” (I don’t think his hand is broken because he didn’t feel any pain when I hold his hand)

All in all it just took her about ten minutes to diagnose my kids. Alhamdulillah, Zara’s fever has reduced today, but she developed red spots now on her body, legs and hands. It doesn’t look like measles or chicken pox. So far there are 5 places that have that mark.

Amir’s elbow is still in pain, and if both of them are still not okay by tomorrow, it will be another visit to a doctor, but this time I would take them to see their pediatrician at Ampang Putri.

Oh! Just pray that it’s nothing serious.


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