Thursday, August 25, 2011

An evening with Mom

I went out with my mom and my sister last night for iftar. It’s also to get mom her new bag. We decided to go to Mid Valley, as it was the nearest to my office and my sister's place.

I asked my sister to make a reservation at Chilis Restaurant, but, unfortunately, the restaurant didn’t take any reservation. It is on first come first serve basis. We were told to be there early as by 6.30pm the place would be full.

Since I’m nearer to Mid Valley, I told my sister that I would go first, and she would pick mom from my sister’s house. I left office after 5.30pm thinking that I would only need the most 15 minutes to reach there.

But my well laid plan got haywire. I was stuck in the jam. I only reached Mid Valley at 6.15pm, and by the time I reached Chili, the place was already almost full. There were few people waiting outside the restaurant. I quickly joined the queue. I waited for about five minutes before my turn, and I was lucky they have a table for five. The guy in front of me didn’t get the table as he was alone.

“Alhamdulillah,” I said and went in. My luck was getting better. Instead of table for six, they gave me table for eight. Heh! I used the empty chair for my computer bag and handbag.

It was still early, but the waiter gave me the menu to order first, but I just put it aside. I took my ipad out, and started to write, but I can’t focus. First, I was worried that my mom and the rest can’t make it on time as they were stuck in the jam, and secondly, the guys on the other tables behind me were talking so loud.

After thirty minutes, the waiter came and asked for my orders. I ordered my food and I also asked him to wait while I called my mom and her troop and asked for their orders.

To make it easy, I ordered country fried chicken for all four of them and fruit juice. Heh! My mom wanted Teh Tarik, but I told her no The Tarik at Chilis.

I was getting worried because at 7pm they were still on the road. And do you know what time they reached Mid Valley? 7.10pm. Normally they only need less than 20 minutes to reach Mid Valley, but yesterday it was almost an hour. Thanks to the 'Bazaar Ramadan' near the Kg Kerinci. It caused the traffic congestion.

Oh ya, besides the Country Fried Chicken, I also ordered Molten Chocolate Cake for dessert. Just one piece but it was shared among us, and yet we couldn’t finish it.

After dinner, we went to get mom her bag. We stopped at Charles and Keith, but I don’t really like the bags they have there. We then went to Metro, and my mom had ‘rambang mata’ there. Too many to choose from.

We looked at all the bags and finally she decided on Toscano. She asked me, “Is this okay?” I replied, “Okay as long as you like it, but check the inside first. Don’t worry about the price.”

She checked the bag, but there was not many compartment inside it, so she decided not to take it. We went to Hilly, but she didn’t like it. So we went around again, and she stopped at Toscano again.

“I think mom like this brand,” said my sister. She picked up one nice bag and said,“What about this?”
“Yeah, that one look nice,” I said.

She took it and looked inside the bag. “Okay, I take this,” she said.

Luckily there was not many people at that time, and the payment counter was empty. After I had paid the bag, she showed me her new shoes that my sister, Zura, bought for her.

Ahhh!!!! She’s happy, and I love to see her happy.

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