Friday, August 12, 2011

My mom wanted an iPad

My mom wanted an iPad. It all started when she saw my digital Quran on  my iPad. Well she has seen my sisters’ iPad before, but she only seen it as devices for games or for books. She was not impressed with iPad before, but after she had seen myQuran on my iPad, she wanted it.

I was stumped at first when she said she wanted one. I looked at my youngest sister, and she looked at me. My sister was cute when she told my mom that my mom didn’t know how to operate a simple phone.

“Oh! I can learn,” she said, and that showed how determine she is.

I smiled because at 76 years old, she was not afraid to try on new technology, and desires to learn new thing. It was driven by her desires to perfect her Quran reading and understanding.

To me, the myQuran app, is a good application for people to learn more about Quran. I, myself, found it was very easy to read as the writing was big and clear.

It also has tafseer and translation for you to understand the meaning of those verses, and if you wanted to memorise any of the surah, there was a function to help you do that. And it also has few Qaris reading the Quran.

The recital of Quran by those Qaris was the one caught her interest. She said it would help to improve her pronunciation, which I totally agreed. Sometimes we thought we know how to pronounce, but actually not.

So, will she be getting the iPad? I’m not sure. Maybe. I just need to discuss further with my sisters, but eventually she will own one. Because, she said she would pay for the iPad herself if we didn’t buy for her.

Hahaha…Mak or mak.. We will get you one before you merajuk…..

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