Monday, August 15, 2011

Strange Dream....

I had a strange dream this morning. I took a short nap after Amir went to school. I was so sleepy after taking the pain killer for my back pain.

Well, I dreamt of meeting my friend at the offices, and both of us were heading out. I remembered that we took an elevator, but we ended up in a bus. The best thing is the bus was floating, and we have to press the panel of numbers for our stop.

Since both of us were new on that bus, we missed our stop, and the bus took us far out from our destination. It finally stopped, and we went down for a drink at the coffee stall at the roadside. Hehehe..I dream of drinking coffee during Ramadan. Bad…Bad…Zai.

The place was pretty crowded. There was a lorry In front of the stall, and it was covered with canvas. We were enjoying our coffee when a big, angry Indian lady, came from somewhere and started shouting at someone in the lorry.

She flipped the cover, and there was a young teenage girl, begging, “Mammi, please don’t.” She was scared. The Indian lady pulled her out from the lorry and that when I saw she was pregnant. She was about 6 or 7 months pregnant.

The mother was so angry and kept on cursing the daughter, while her daughter kept on pleading not to harm her. Suddenly, I heard, “Whack.”, and the girl cried. She fell down, and somebody caught her. Her mother kept on whacking her.

I couldn't stand it and rushed and shouted to the Indian lady. “Hey lady, stopped it. She’s hurting, and I will call the police if you keep beating her.” She stopped and glared at me. She dared me to call the police, and started to beat her girl again. Suddenly another friend of mine held her hand and took the belt away.

She shouted at us and that when I woke up. When I looked at my watch, it was 7.45am, and I was late to wake my little girl to school. But then my girl didn’t go to school because she cannot open her eyes. She might ask me later why I didn’t wake her up since she was very eager to go back to school after missing 3 classes last week.

Sekian. Salam. 

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  1. I sometimes come up with my own conclusion on what the dream means.. by relating to my surroundings at that moment. hehehe