Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tired, Sleepy and Floating

I didn’t blog yesterday because I was too tired and sleepy until I felt like my body floating. I only had about 8 hours of sleep in two days. On top of that, there were so many things I need to do yesterday in the office, until I had to continue to do work at home.

I seldom brought back my laptop home since my back problem gotten worse. But because the bosses need the information urgently last night, I have no choice but to drag my laptop. Poor me! 

I told my boss that if I didn’t come to work today, it means that my back had a problem. He has a cheek to ask me what’s wrong with my back, even though he knows that I have been having slipped disc. I felt like ‘cekiking’ him, but I didn’t. I just walked off and packed my things because I was already late to pick up my son from his Math tuition class.

I thought I could reach my son with 45 minutes, but I was wrong. The traffic jam was really bad. I was stuck at NPE for almost 45minutes, and another 30 minutes on KL-Seremban Highway. Because I was really late, the teacher was kind enough to send my son to Saujana Impian. It saved me another 10 minutes drives. I was told by my son that the road leading to his teacher’s house was also jam. Phew! Otherwise, I would be breaking my fast in the car.

After the buka puasa, I told my kids not to disturb me as I had work to do. Lucky they were tired too, so they didn’t disturb me that much. 

Huh! I thought I could finish my work in one hour, but Allah has a different plan for me. Instead of doing my work, Allah asked me to rest. How come? It was because I can’t get connected to the SAP system to check on the figures. I tried and tried and tried until I gave up. I SMS my boss, and told him that I would submit it in the morning.

Since I was too tired, I didn’t hear the alarm clock this morning. When my hubby woke me up at 5am for sahur, everything was ready. Hehe! I only help to clean and wash the dishes. Best thing was I got to continue to sleep after my Subuh prayer too, and hubby get the kids ready for school.

But damn! I’m still tired.

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