Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eid-ul-Fitri and balik kampung

One more week and then we will be celebrating Eid-ul-Fitri. It’s going to be a long leave for most of the people. With school close for a week and three major public holidays on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, most people will take the opportunity to go for a holiday.

But not this girl. I would not be taking any leave. I would still be working on Monday, the Raya’s eve and Friday. It is not that I cannot take any leave, it just that I am reserving my leave for my up coming trips. Furthermore, Syafiq would be sitting for his trial exam once school back in session.

Most of the people would start making the trip back to kampong on Saturday, and by Monday, KL would be quiet. I won’t be joining the Balik Kampung rush. Let those whose kampung far in the south or north or east to travel first. I would only go back on the morning of Raya after the prayer.

My mom house is only a short distance from my house. It is only 30 minutes drive from Bangi, but that 30 minutes can turn to one hour plus on Raya morning. But I do have three options to reach Seremban.

First option is using the Seremban-KL Highway where those who are heading down south would use this highway too, or we can take LEKAS highway. This would definitely be our choice as those who use this Highway are mainly those heading down to Kuala Pilah and the areas nearby to Kuala Pilah.

Final option is just used the old KL- Seremban road where along the way, we could see other kampung and the people wearing colorful, brand new baju melayu and kurung. Ah, I seldom that this route because this is also the slowest route among the three.

Whatever option that I am going to take my objective is to reach home safely. We the Ops SIKAP starting today, I hope we can reduce the number of accidents and reach our destination safely. Happy travelling folks!


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