Thursday, July 21, 2011

I haz a sad!

I'm sad because I received a bad news today. Heh! That's nothing new, right? Every day I received bad news, but this time it made me feel sad and angry. Well, what was the news? Is it about Mr. Han? Nah! He can only make me angry not sad.

Well, it was about my hard disk and my precious data. I officially received an email from my vendor saying that my hard disk is totally damaged. UNRECOVERABLE! They said they had tried everything they can, and now they have no choice, but to raise the white flag. 

I was stunned when I saw the word UNRECOVERABLE and CLOSE THE CASE. I just sat in front of the computer staring at the mail. I wanted to scream, but no voice come out. I was very frustrated. I had a high hope when I sent the hard disk that some of the data can be recovered, but, unfortunately, the disk has a different idea. 

So, what’s left with me now is just a memory on what I have in there. I hope I don’t have to dig deep into my memory bank to recall some of the information.

Some of you might be wondering why I didn't do any backup. I did, but the backup was purely on work-related files, and the last backup I did was few months before it crashed. Furthermore, I had about 60GB of data in that hard disk. It was an accumulation of 14 years of data, and the most precious among the data was my mail. All of my archive mail. Some were very ancient, and I bet some of the new generation never heard of it.

I had my MS Mail archive in there. Groupwise archive and exchange archive in there. Some of the mails were from previous bosses and staffs. Some were complimentary mails, and some, hmmmm were nasty mails. But yet, it's still precious to me.

The vendor asked me what do I want to do with the disk. Since some of the data were highly confidential, I would have to ask the vendor to return it back to me. I also have to, officially inform our IT Partner about this, so that I can get a new hard disk. Heh! It’s likes starting a new life with a new identity. 

The other sad thing is I lost quite a number of my manuscripts. I was half way through with the last manuscript. I don't think I can start writing it all again. It is best for me to start with a new story, and revisit it again when I'm ready. Yeah! Go Zai Go!

What can I say from all of this? ALWAYS. DO. BACKUP! Yeah! I learned my lesson in a painful manner, and now I have multiple backup, especially for my manuscript.


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