Thursday, July 14, 2011

And the race to get fit begins.

Yay! I completed my two days intensive course with flying colors. I aced the test and scored 96%. Happy, happy me! My hubby got through it too and scored 80%. Yay to him too! Oh! The passing mark for the test was 50%.

Yesterday, the topic was more on serious stuff like on how to do it, when to do it, where to go and perform the stuff, what needs to be prepared, what to wear and for women, which parts of the body can be exposed, and which parts need to cover. It also covered what happened if we break the rules and what’s the penalties.

If yesterday were on heavy stuff, today was more on general stuff likes females problems, cleanliness, physical and mentality fitness, and in the afternoon, it was on logistics. 

I now have a clearer picture on what should we do when we have **ahem** women’s problem there. To be truthful, I was kind of panic when there were so many things that I’m not clear and in doubt. I did asked and discussed it with few friends, but I was still hazy. After the session, it helped to clear 80% of the fuzziness, and for the other 20%, I need to continue to read and ask about it.

The second session was on health. The presenter is a doctor, and he was funny too. Since there will be millions of people, the weather is different from here, and activities are physically demanding, it is very important to get fit and healthy. If not, you will get sick or flat tired, and not able to finish the task. You can, but you have to fork out your money to get someone to help carry you. Realizing how important is this, I had started my exercise a few weeks ago, and I hope that I would be able to meet the challenge. Insya Allah.

Oh yeah! On the way to the place, I had a debate with my hubby on the advantage of taking the optional vaccinations. He was reluctant, and gave me all kind of excuses why he thinks we don’t need to take it. I guess he’s afraid of the needles. But when I dragged him to the vaccination room, he didn’t complaint. Hehe… He thought we only need one jab, but I signed up for two. To me, prevention is better than cure. Don't you agree?

The afternoon session was a little bit dry. To keep me from falling asleep, I did this, and I didn’t know what I drew until the lady next to me said something about it. Hehe…. Do you think I have talent? Nah! Don’t think so.

Ugh! Tomorrow I will be back in the office. I feel the pressure already, knowingly that I have three reports to submit, and none is ready yet. It’s going to be Mad Friday tomorrow.


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