Saturday, July 23, 2011

High Tea at Putra Height

It’s another family gathering today. This time, it was at my niece house in Putra Height. Such a lovely neighborhood. I like her house. It’s cozy and very homey. She lives in a gated area, and we have to register at the security house before we can enter the place. 

We reached there around 3.30pm, and Emil, my grand nephew, was very excited to see us, especially my kids. My sister said that he had been checking on the clock waiting for my kids.  After the salam and kisses, he immediately took my kids to his room. “Haha!” I said. When the kids went up stair, it gave us the grown up chance to talk peacefully. No disturbance.

We started the event with a special prayer, and my father-in-law lead the prayer. The prayer was for the dead relatives and that included my dad, and also to bless the new house. After the prayer, we had a surprise birthday celebration for my sister, Along Norlia’s fifty-nine birthday, Syafiq’s 17th birthday and my niece’s maid thirty-second birthday. My sister and my son share same date. Both were born on the same date.

The birthday girls and boy were surprised. We managed to hide this, and, in fact, the cake was brought in later by my niece, Izrianna through the back door. Well thanks to my niece Syafiq got a yellow Ripcurl T-shirt for his birthday, and RM50.00 from my mom. He is very very happy.

Besides cupcake, my niece treated us to Mee Soup, Mee Hoon Goreng, Curry Puff, Pudding, Kuih Bakar, Popiah and Seri Muka. And for the drinks she served Teh Tarik and Sirap Ice Cream Soda. Oh yeah, I helped to prepare the Teh Tarik, and that’s my speciality. 

We were there until Maghrib, and after the Maghrib’s prayer, everybody said goodbye. Emil was sad because my kids were leaving. I invited him to come with me. He wanted to, but than his mom didn’t let him because he needs to do his homework.

I told him that he could come during school holiday, and when my kids heard that they were very excited to have Emil over at our place. Hehe..I can anticipate how lively my place will be then, and I think I’m going to like it.

And before I sign off, I would like to share this song with you. The song is about God's greatness, and the singer is D'lloyd from Indonesia. It was one of my sister's favorite group when she was young.

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