Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Zaki and his haircut

Zaki came back from school yesterday demanding that I took him for a hair cut. He said there would be a spot check today, and those who has long hair, better watch out because the discipline teacher would be very happy to cut their hair for free.

I told him that his hair was still short and within the guideline as stated in the school’s regulation book. He still demanded that we took him for a haircut.

Since my hubby was not free, I took him to the barber myself. This is the first time I took him for a haircut at the men’s saloon. I didn’t know where the place is, so he guided me to the shop. It was an Indian shop with Indian workers. 

Before we entered the shop, he had told me that he wanted the Robbie Van Persie’s haircut. 

“Whose hair?” I asked.
“Robbie Van Persie,” he answered.
“No way,” I said. 

Actually I don’t know how is Van Persie’s hair looks like, but I know he is an Arsenal footballer. When we stepped in, the shop was empty except for few workers. Two guys approached us, and immediately Zaki was taken to sit at the chair furthest in.

Since the chair is for adults, the guy has to add additional bench for him to sit. I told the guy not to cut too short in Malay, and he nodded his head. I thought he understood what I said.

I happily read my book, and when I looked up, I saw that he had cut it very short.

“Eh! Kenapa pendek (why so short) ? ” I asked. 

He just raised his thumb, and that when I knew he didn’t understand Malay. I asked him whether he understand English, and he said, “No. Only Tamil.”

I gave up and let him continue. Luckily it was only at the back and the side that was very short. The top is still okay.

When we walked out from the shop, he asked, “Why so short?”
My respond, “Oh! Isn’t that how Van Persie’s hair looks like?”

“Noooo!” he said.

I smiled.

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