Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Run! Hide! The vampire is here!

It was another crazy day at the office today, but everything was under control. Heh! As long as Mr. Han didn’t disturb me, I would be fine. I would only go crazy, if Mr. Han kept circling behind me or dragging me to his lair. Either I exploded, or I got drowned.

I left office quite late today, almost 8pm. There was something that due tomorrow, and since I will be on leave for the next two days, I have to submit it by today. I was happy to submit it at 5pm today, thinking that I got one out of my way, but then, I received an email that said I used the wrong template. Damn! I have to copy the information to the new template. Hah! The only different between the new and old was the header. Gggrrrrhhhhh!!!!! 

I have few reports that need to be submitted by 15th July. I don’t know why everybody wanted it by 15th. On top of that, Mr. Han demanded me to get some information for him. Eeeeee! Why can’t he be resourceful and get the information himself? I really hope that he wakes up one day, and realized what he has done to the us here. 
He sucked us dry, until some of us need the extra juice to get us going. But looking around me, most of us are already dried and wilted, and about to collapse.

But this morning, everybody was happy because Mr. Han was away. We thought that he would be away the whole day, but after lunch, we saw him sitting on his throne.

“Ahhhh!!! There goes my day,” said someone. 
But he was only at his place for a short while only. He had to go and sucked up to the Master. 
“Phew! We have 3 hours of freedom from the vampire,” said another one.

After he comes back, everybody was busy again. Busy trying to avoid Mr. Han, but for me, I have no choice. Like it or not, when Mr. Han called, I have to go. He would like for me to run and bow to him and answered him, “Yes, sir. What can I do, sir? Okay, sir.”, but what he got was, “Wait ahh, I need to finish this first,” or I walked slowly to his throne.

Ahhhhh! Mr. Han, FYI, I would not think about work for the next two days. I have better things to do.

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