Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Hunting Ground - Islamic Kitchen

I found a new restaurant yesterday. Actually the restaurant was not new. It was there for quite some time, but every time we go to that area, we would either eat at JM Beriyani, Chan Abdullah or Italees. 

But yesterday, after our training in Sg Jelok, I told hubby I wanted to take something sweet. Yeah! I have a sweet tooth.

“Teh Tarik or Coffee would be nice and, please no Kopitiam this time” I told him.

He then drove to Seksyen 9, and as we passed by few restaurants there, we decided to try the Islamic Kitchen. The one that attracted us was the word pastries.

“Aaaa! They have pastries,” said hubby.

So we went in, but there were not so many people. Maybe it was almost 5pm, and people were getting ready to go home. As usual, wherever I go, I will observe the surrounding. And the different between this restaurant and other, the workers are all guys. Young guys around early twenties. 

And the food there, hmmm….they have varieties of food. Western, Mexican, Italians, Asian and Malaysian food. 

‘Not bad,” said hubby.

I then ordered ‘teh tarik’ and French toast without honey, and chili sauce. My hubby ordered ‘Cucur Bilis’ and ‘air mata kucing’ for his drink. 

They sent the cucur bilis first and sambal, and to our surprise it was hot. They fry the cucur whenever some one order it. At some other places, they would have the 'cucur' pre-cooked, and heat it up in the microwave oven. 

Since there were only four small pieces, we ordered another plate, and when my French toast came, it was hot too. The 'teh tarik' was so good that I wanted to order another one, but I didn't. Heaven!

And tonight, we decided to take the kids to the place. Huh! At first, Zara didn’t want to eat there, but changed her mind after we promised her ice-cream.

I wanted to eat Soto Ayam, but then changed my mind when I saw their beef burger. When I ordered beef burger, the rest also decided to have burgers.

Again, we were not disappointed with the foods. The kids mini burger was good and so was ours. The kids love their burgers. Definitely, this will be our next favorite restaurant.

Not only the food is good, the price is also reasonable. For 2 beef burgers, 4 mini burgers, 3 Milo Ice, 1 Teh ‘O’ Ice, 2 mineral waters and 4 icecreams (2 scoops each), the price was only RM83.00. 

Apa lagi..cubalah….


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