Thursday, July 28, 2011

My girl wanted a bike...arrrr..big bike

Haha! My little girl wanted to buy ATV. She saw the advertisement in the catalogue and thought that was one of the toys.

She showed me the catalogue last night, but I was not feeling well and just nodded my head. She was happy because I agreed to get her the motorbike.

This morning, when I was getting her ready to school, she showed me the catalogue again. This time, I had a good looked at it. There were several pictures of Scrambler Bike and few ATVS, and the prices started at RM 2500.

“Ugh! That is not toy,” I said after realizing what she wanted. “That is a big bike, and you cannot play it in the house.”

She was not happy with my answer. “What about this one?” She pointed to the Scrambler Bike.

“That one, you have to ride on the road or dirt road,” I explained.

“What about this. Where can we ride it?” she pointed to the ATV.

“That on, in the jungle,” I said to discourage her.

I thought she would accept my explanation because she just took the catalogue and went to school without anymore questions on the ATV.

I was wrong. This afternoon while I was busy looking at the numbers, she called. She wanted to know where's the motorbike shop. I had to lie, and told her that the shop is very far away.

“When can we go and buy the bike?” she asked.

“Eh! We are not going to buy. It is not a toy. It is for big boys and girls. You are still small,” I said.
She was quiet, but I know she is plotting for her next questions.

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