Friday, July 1, 2011

Great Start for Second Half

It is a great start for the second half of the year for me. I started the day positively, and at the end of the day, I still feel positive and happy.

It started early in the morning, when me and my husband sent our little girl to school. It’s a rare moment for us as normally my hubby will leave for work earlier than me. He will be heading towards south, whereas I will be heading towards KL.

My girl didn’t go to school yesterday, so she was a little bit scared that the teacher would scold her today. She wanted me to explain to the teacher why she didn’t come yesterday. I told her that I would do that.

I walked her to her class, kissed her and told her teacher why she didn’t come yesterday. All her worries disappeared when the teacher smile at her. The teacher then took her hand and went inside. I waved to her and she waved back smiling. 

Since I went with my hubby this morning, it means that he didn’t have his car with him. His car is in the workshop since Wednesday. He thought he could get it within a day, but it took them two solid days to repair the car. Well, it worth it, as the car is in better shape now.

In the office, my morning started very well. No major crisis; no drama or whatever. I can do my work peaceful today. In fact, I got a chance to go out and had my breakfast with my BFF. Heh! We were not the only two who took a break at 10am. We saw someone else too! Sshhhh…cannot tell who is that person.

Since I had my morning tea at 10am, I went for a late lunch with my friend. We went to the food court at the Lower Ground at 1.30pm. Nothing much left, and it means that I don’t have much choice to choose from, and it's also means less food on my plate. DIET TIME!!!!

Since it’s Friday, I was really looking forward to go back early, but my hope was dashed. My dear (actually not so dear) boss called for a discussion at 5.30pm. “Waduhhhh…,” I said because knowing him, it could drag after 6.30pm.

Hah! My prediction was true. We didn’t finish our discussion. I had to tell him to continue the discussion on Monday, which he agreed, but before that, he assigned loads of thing for me to do. Damn! There goes my Monday.

Well, I ended going home at 7.45pm, and there were only one or two people left in the office. All my friends have long gone. I packed my things and walked slowly to KL Sentral. Alone in the dark.

When I looked back, today was the first time I went home very late for this year. Normally, if I stayed back late, it would be until 7pm only. Not more than that. This has caused my kids to worry about me. 

When Zaki called, I answered him in a very tired voice. He was worried when he heard my voice, and was waiting anxiously for me. When I reached home, they were waiting for me at the door. "Ahhh...what a beautiful sight," I said to myself and smiled. All my tiredness disappeared.

Ohh!!! I love my kids. They know how to make me feel good.

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