Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ramble on Thursday: Oh! I'm tired

We are already coming to the end of the first half of the year, and I already feel exhausted. So many of friends have given me advices what to take to boost my energy level, but so far, I have not follow any. I guess I just need a break.

A long break, but not too long, or else my brain will be rusty, where I can rest my tired brain. Physically, I’m not tired because in the morning, I feel energetic and always ready to tackle the day. But when it's inching towards the end of the day, my brain is slowly telling my body, “Hey! You need to slow down. I’m running out of fuel.”

As a commander to the body, the rest of the body parts will listen to the brain. One by one will slowly shutting down their engine. By the time, it was ten o’clock at night the whole body is screaming for bed.

But there’s one part of the body who refused to listen to the wise brain. The HEART. The heart would always go against the brain’s command. The heart will say, “Huh! Still early. Why should I go to sleep?” 

The heart will then persuade the others. “Hey friends, why are you slowing down? It’s still early. Lot’s of thing you can do. Get up! Do what ever you want!” The heart will continue to coax and persuade the others.

When the legs and the arms dragged the body to bed, the brain was very happy, but the heart never gave up. It continues to whisper to the eyes. “Come one Eyes. It’s too early to sleep. Why not read?” and he will chant, “Read! Read! Read!” 

After continuous chanting and whispering from the heart, the eyes gave in. “Oh yeah! I wanna read,” said the eye. “Hand, can you take the book, please?” 

Hands, who have always had a soft spot for the eyes took the book from the night stands. The body and the legs have no complaints. To them as long as they get to rest on the bed, they are okay. That made the brain very annoyed, and it kept reminding the eyes of how tired he is. The brain forced mouth to keep on yawning.

When the eyes ignored the mouth, the brain got very upset and screamed, “ALL! Go to sleep and rest before I EXPLODED!."

That got the eyes attention. “Oh! Okay brain. I'm sorry. I go to sleep now,” said the eyes. The hand put the book away, the eyes slowly closed, while the mouth recites the SYAHADAH, and the rest of the body relaxes.

The brain smiles and said “Good night all, see you in the morning."

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