Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh! Sakitnya...

Alhamdulillah! Zaki circumcision went well. He cried for a while after he came out from the Operation Theater. Maybe because he was still drowsy and confused, or he was in pain.

Let’s see how the day begin. We have to be at the hospital by 8am for admission. Therefore, we have to leave the house latest by 7am. We also have to send  b my in-laws to my sister in law house in Kajang because my sister-in-law and her youngest daughter were going for Umrah today.

My husband’s plan was only me, Zaki and him to go to Ampang Putri Specialist Hospital, but the kids have a different plan. Zaki insisted that Amir to come along, or else he would not go to the hospital. When Amir goes, it means Zara will also go. When Zara goes, Syafiq needs to come along and looks after her because my husband has to leave by 9.45am to go and send her sister to airport. So everybody went to the hospital to cheer Zaki.

During the trip to the Ampang Putri, Zaki was very quiet. He was not his usual self. He also didn’t play his PSP like usual. When we reached there, I could see that he was worried. He didn’t know what to expect as the stories and experiences shared by Amir and Syafiq were conflicting.

After the registration, we went to the ward. The nurses were good. They engaged him in conversation and finally, he forgot about his worries. After they had taken all his details, I helped him to change to the hospital gown.

The nurse asked who would be accompanied him to go inside. I said my hubby. Zaki wanted me to go with him, but I told him that I would wait for him when he came out.

At 9.20am, the nurse called him in. He kissed me, and my husband took his hand and walked to inside. I prayed that he would not cause any problem and chicken out. Ten minutes later, my husband came out and said that he already knocked out.

At 10.15am, the nurse came and told me that it was done, and Zaki's in the recovery room. I followed her, and I saw Zaki was restless and started to cry. He also tried to get up. The nurses and the doctor had to hold him down.

When I reached there, he was yelling, “Sakit! Sakit (Painful).” I looked at the nurse, and she said she had given him medicine. It took me a while to calm him down. When he was okay, we pushed him back to the ward.

He still cried when he was in the ward, and when I asked him whether he wanted Amir and Zara to come in, he nodded. When Syafiq, Amir, and Zara came in, he looked a little bit happy. I also showed them the skin that was cut off.  He kept asking for it, and holding it, as if, part of him was missing.

At 12pm, he said he was hungry. He hasn’t eaten since 10pm the previous night. The nurse gave him warm water first to make sure that he would not vomit. He didn't vomit, and after waiting for half and hour, I got him sandwiches and Milo. He finished the sandwiches and wanted more.

My husband reached the hospital at 1pm from the airport. The other three went out with him to have lunch at McDonald while I helped Zaki to change into his t-shirt and sarong. When my hubby came, he bought us Mc Donald for lunch. Zaki finished his while I didn’t finish mine because of my sore throat. I can’t swallowed anything without feeling pain.
 I thought when he reached home he would just lie down on the sofa, but he didn’t. He went up and down the staircase, holding his sarong and walking slowly. When I asked him whether he felt any pain, his replied, “Sikit aja (a lit bit only).”

I am worried how he is going to sleep tonight knowingly that he likes to sleep on his stomach. He will be sleeping in Syafiq’s room tonight, and I definitely will have a sleepless night.

Oh yea! He wanted Wii as his present to go through the pain. No more RM10 that he wanted earlier. It must be his older brothers’ idea. Will he get the Wii? I don’t know. The father has to pay for that, but I overheard that he promised Zaki next week. Let’s wait and see!

Sekian. Salam.

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