Monday, June 6, 2011

When a nephew met an uncle...

Uncle and Nephew
I had visitors yesterday. A visit from my niece, Iza and her kids, Emil, Mika and Maryam. Three adorable and cute kids. Iza is my oldest niece in the family. Her mom and her father also came yesterday, but very much later.

This is the first time they come to my house since I moved to Bangi, and took this opportunity to visit Zaki. Emil and Zaki are of the same age, except Zaki was born in April, he was in November. An uncle and a nephew.

When they were young, they were not closed. Emil is more closer to Sophia, who is 9 years old, and Kimi, who is eight. They are Emil’s auntie and uncle too. Actually, Emil and his siblings are the fourth generation in the family.

I’m not sure when Zaki and Emil started to be closed. Maybe when they were 5 years old during the Hari Raya holidays. Since then, Zaki and Zara always asked about Emil. Whenever we went back to Seremban or visited my sisters, the first question that they would ask, “Is Emil going to be there? What about Sophia?” 

Whenever these five kids met, just be prepared what kind of havoc they would create. I still remember during Hari Raya last year when the room they played in, looked like a hurricane just passed through. They thought they could escape from cleaning the room. But their Maksu, which we nominated to play the role of the bad auntie, forced them to put the room back in order. But I don’t think she’s playing the role well because she’s the kids favorite. 

When Emil came yesterday, his mom intention was for him to find out from Zaki about bersunat. When Iza asked Zaki whether it was painful, my dear Zaki pretended that it was not painful. Hah! Only me knows how he was after he came out from the OT.

Emil who didn’t want to go through 
bersunat at first was convinced enough by Zaki that it was not painful. After he reached his home, he told his mom that he wanted to bersunat too, and in returns, he wanted PSP. Hahaha, his mom didn’t expect that request. Well Kak Yong, you have until November to get out from that request.

Sekian. Salam.

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