Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bedtime and books.

Every night, at bedtime, Zara insisted that I read to her. She doesn’t want anybody else except me to read. She would choose which book and story that I must read. If I didn’t read to her, she would say that, she cannot sleep. But I’m not worried because, within 20 minutes, she will be in the lala land.

There were times when I was too tired I would create a story on the fly, but she would know. When I did that, she would insist that I read two or three stories for her. I can't bluff my way with her because she knows all the story.

When Amir and Syafiq were young, I also did the same to them. They were okay with the stories that I created for them. In fact, they preferred my stories than the books.

The story that I told them was about a young boy who lost his parents, and how he has to stay with his grandparents. Every night they would ask what happened to the boy, and every night I have to be creative with the story. Unfortunately, I didn’t record or write it. In fact, I can’t recalled much what I told them.

But Zara didn’t want that. As I read to her, she wanted to see the picture, and from there she would ask me hundred and one questions. Again, I have to be creative with the answers or else she would never satisfy.

But Zaki is different. Instead of asking me to read, he will read himself. Every night, before he says his prayer, he will spend 10 minutes to read. He will always has the book by his side. 

Actually, it was a big changed for him from last year. Last year, he struggled to read, but he did a wonderful progress in his last term. I guess it was all due to his desires to read that he made the big progress. And for someone like me who loves to read, I always encourage him to read. Will he be like me? Insya Allah.


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